Renovations of your kitchen, bathroom, or basement are common ways to spruce up your home. These improvements make each room more functional, eco-friendly, valuable, and appealing. But many homeowners without a lot of home improvement experience often face a dizzying array of choices.

What is the most important improvement to do first? What improvements are useful? Do you go with cheaper materials like PVC and wood or more expensive ones such as marble steel or granite? The solutions for these questions can be provided by an interior designing company. Consulting a firm that is specialized in remodeling kitchens, basements, and bathrooms could help you find some great ideas. For example, if you live near Wisconsin, you could visit websites like that could help you get some innovative ideas for your renovation project.

If you are looking to tackle your home improvements DIY style, then here are a few useful renovations for you to consider.

Create a pantry

When it comes to home renovations, the kitchen is likely where you’ll start, as it is the hub of your home. Now ask yourself, what do you want most in the kitchen that isn’t cooking tools or counter space? The answer is food storage, the pantry. Putting up shelves or a tall cupboard are relatively simple ways to create a pantry. If there is a spare closet neighbouring the kitchen then this can also be converted into cool and dry storage for your jars and grains.

Change Countertops in the Kitchen or Bathroom

Countertops are the finishing touch to any kitchen or bathroom space, and upgrading your existing countertops is often considered very important in the hierarchy of improvements. Renovating the countertops can be an expensive project. Not to mention the material cost of bringing in heavy granite or soapstone countertops. However DIY alternatives include laminating your existing counters, laying down contact paper, or simply sanding down and varnishing with a beautiful finish. These are all great ways to improve your counters without having to take massive chunks of them or your wallet. However, if you are planning a full kitchen remodel, and it is necessary to install new countertops entirely so that it fits within the overall aesthetic, then you may have to learn more about various quotes offered by local contractors and hire the one that suits your requirements.

Upgrade the bathroom vanity

Are you thinking about updating your bathroom vanity? A functional vanity is a sanitary way to clean up and get ready for your day or relax in the evening. It’s also often the only piece you can improve in the bathroom without fully replacing it. We’ve already gone over changing the countertops, now consider the mirror and the cabinet color. Sand then paint the cabinet in a color that matches the rest of the bathroom and install a new mirror to match.

Add shelving in The basement

The basement is often a great place to store all your treasures or bits of junk. Adding shelving to your basement is a great way to address your storage needs and improve the basement as a result. Shelving is a great way to divide up large rooms, especially ones that are long and skinny. Plus, with a wide variety of shelving materials, custom shelving, and shelving accessories, it’s easy to create a beautiful and functional shelving system that will greatly improve your basement and make your mess look less cluttered. Or, if you are planning to use the basement as a recreation room or man cave, you can take up a renovation project to turn the room into a usable space. You can look for services such as basement remodeling in Boulder CO, or near your location to find a local contractor who can assist you with your project.

Finish the basement

Most homeowners don’t plan on finishing their basement when they buy their home, as a result it becomes a neglected and gloomy space. A finished basement adds significantly to the value of your home, and it’s the best place in the house to add extra living space. So treat it with waterproofing, install insulation, then cover with drywall, paint and carpets to transform it from a dungeon into a beautiful part of your home. Additionally, to stick to the theme of new space and things, you could also consider switching out your old furnace (if you have one in your basement) to a new and updated model. But to do this, you would have to call HVAC professionals similar to Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., who provide services such as furnace installation in Twin Falls, or other such companies in your locality.

For many homeowners, the idea of undertaking a DIY home renovation brings on a mix of excitement and anxiety. While DIY home renovations can help you save money, time, and effort, there are some projects that it is best to leave to the professionals. The ideas discussed in this article are ones that homeowners can often tackle by themselves in order to create better and more appealing homes.


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