Each year, millions of families spend months planning their vacation. Whether it is a summer retreat, a winter escape, or even a destination wedding, families and friends gather in one place to celebrate this joyous occasion. But if you are like us, we cannot think of a better way to spend time in the sun than by building your very own outdoor fire pit for people to gather around when the sun sets on a warm summer’s evening. If you are not as handy as you would like to be, you can always check out fire pits melbourne companies to see what they have pre-made for you.

There is nothing like a fire pit in the backyard. Not only is it fun to cook food over a fire, but it is a relaxing way to wind down after a hectic day. However, fire pits can be dangerous if they are not properly built or maintained. Follow these steps to ensure a safe and fun fire.

Choose a location

When choosing a location for your fire pit, consider the size of your yard and patio. If you are limited to a patio, you will want to avoid placing it too close to structures or trees. While carbon fiber and steel frames can handle the elements, wood is more likely to catch fire. If you are planning to install a firepit in a garden, ensure that it’s a solid base. You can consider constructing a concrete platform with the help of professionals available on websites similar to https://concretecompanycharlottenc.com/ in the center of your backyard and installing the firepit there. Moreover, you can also create a proper seating arrangement in your backyard or convert it into a gazebo.

Prepare the area

It is easy to prepare the area for a fire pit. First, you should create a fire line and locate an appropriate area for its installation. It is always best to place your fire pit away from trees and under a tree canopy. However, if you opt to put your fire pit within a tree, ensure you secure the tree’s roots to the ground to prevent sinking. Next, decide how best to create the fire ring. You can construct a ring with dirt, concrete, rocks, bricks, or concrete pavers.

Install the paver base

Cover the ground where the fire pit will be with a paver base. Cover the area where the fire pit will be with a layer of sand or gravel. Make sure the surface is smooth, but not so smooth that it will not hold the bottom of the fire pit. Mark the area where the fire pit will be. Use a shovel to dig out the area. Dig out the hole at least 8 inches deep. Place whatever base material you used into the hole. Place the fire pit on top of the base.

Install the fire bricks

Installing the fire bricks is one of the important steps in creating a fire pit. Fire bricks are the heat shields that safely surround the fire. They are ceramic or refractory bricks (made of concrete, clay, or other materials). The fire bricks surround the fire and radiate the heat out toward the base of the fire. They are laid in a brick pattern, covering the burners and the fire chamber. The bricks are the first bricks you lay on the ground. They create the heat that then radiates up to your fire bowl. Installing a fire brick bed is pretty simple and makes it easy for you to add or remove firewood from the fire pit as needed.

A fire pit is a great addition to your backyard. If you have spent a lot of time outdoors, particularly in the summer, you may have come across a campfire, which is made by placing a grate over an open fire. It is a wonderful thing to be able to gather around the campfire with your friends and family and enjoy warm, relaxing conversations. And you can enjoy cooking marshmallows, roasting hot dogs, roasting veggies, and roasting s’mores.


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