My family loves to spend some quality time in the living room. We watch our action drama series on Netflix, listen to upbeat songs on YouTube, share laughter, and talk about life together while eating our favorite snacks. Nothing is more fulfilling than spending time with the people you love.

When I am stressed with things to do in the office, I always enjoy sitting on the couch in the living room. The atmosphere is very relaxing. Every element or accent is pleasing to the eyes. It changes my mood and makes me forget what I am going through.

But the designs I get addicted to and cannot look at differently over time. Turning it into something new and fashionable is always tricky. Luckily I have a friend who is an interior designer, and here is what I have learned from her when I made an upgrade to my living room:


It’s easy to go out and buy decor pieces all at once, but you run the risk of making your living room look like a show home. Whilst this can still look nice, you’ll never get over the feeling that the room is missing something. That’s where personal touches come in. The easiest way to do this is to use someone similar to this El Dorado Hills family photographer to take family portraits for you. You can then hang your portraits on the wall and place them on side tables so that wherever you look, you see your family smiling back at you.

Rustic Flair

Years pass, but a classic and rough style remains in trend, and there are ways to play with your room’s rustic flair. You can add wooden beams to level up your space’s beauty and natural warmth, whilst wooden furniture often adds to the rustic look.


A living room full of hard surfaces is no place to relax. Take a look at these rugs from Lulu & Georgia – a rug can make a hard floor much more comfortable to walk on and will also prevent any echoes. Curtains or blinds can help to add interest around windows, whilst throws and scatter cushions help chairs and sofas to look more inviting.

Collected Look

Who says an all-white living room is dull and boring? But do not leave it plain. You can display potted greenery, a variety of vessels on your mantel, and add some decorative trays. There is no rule to follow. You can be bold, sometimes. Do not be afraid to experiment. You will never know what your living room could look like unless you at least try to get creative. Modern 5 piece wall art can help liven up a plain wall – you want it to feel like a home, not a sterile hospital.

Light Fixture

Do you have an old and outdated light fixture? If yes, you do not need to have it replaced entirely. All you need to do is cover it with fresh coats of paint and set up new round bulbs to achieve a whimsical look. You can try other bold colors to give your room some electric vibes.


You probably love reading and collecting books. But your shelves are full, messy, and disorganized. It is time to let go of some of your books. Yes, it is hard. I understand because I also enjoy reading novels. Although they are old, they still have value. You can put some of them in a yard sale. You do not only free up space on your shelf but also enhance its look.

Install a Mirror

You can never go wrong with installing a mirror that blends into the color of your furniture and decor in your living room. If you have a flamboyant type of living room, striking decorative mirrors will be your best bet. If you have a patterned decor, a mirror with random shapes should be top of your list. A living room with some rustic artworks and other metallic furniture frames, metallic mirrors are a worth-it investment.

Lush Leaves

An underused nook is one of my concerns in my living room. My friend told me to put an oversized plant in there, and it adds an extra punch. Popular choices include Bird of Paradise, Dragon Tree, Norfolk Island Pine, Fishtail Palm, European Olive, Triangle Ficus, Corn Plant, Parlor Palm, and more.

Painted Brick

It is disappointing to have an old fireplace. Do not lose hope. You can update your old-school fireplace with a coat of paint in a color you prefer. A cream-colored paint is popular. You can also use the same color. But consider the style and decor in your living room to save time and effort. If you are a DIYer, you will love painting your fireplace.

Incorporate Slate and Copper

Traditional wood pieces like cabinets, chairs, and tables can add some luxury to your space. If you have some at home, pair them with metallic accents to create visual interest and depth. Good options are pendant lights. In fact, you can look into getting a custom pendant light for your living space, to really put a personal touch on the metallic accents of the room.

What’s Next?

Is your furniture worn? Is there not enough natural light? Is there too much clutter? Why don’t you redecorate your living room? If you are not that creative, there’s nothing to be frustrated about. Leave the project to an experienced and certified interior designer. In my case, I asked for help from a friend, and she has given me discounts. If you do not know someone who can guide you throughout the project, there are multiple designers you can hire!


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