Over the years, Neon lights and signs have vastly grown in popularity. Not only have business owners decided to improve their commercial space by showcasing different styles and colours related to their business, but they have also become a great accessory when it comes to the interior d├ęcor of people’s homes, and online stores like Neon Mama are just one of the many places where these neon signs can be found.

However, the world of Neon and LED Neon Signs is still unknown for some people. If you have never come across them before, you won’t know just how much of a difference they can make to the brightness and overall design aesthetic of a room. If this is the case for you, this article details everything you need to know about LED Neon Signs, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether this is something that works for you or not.

Difference Between Neon Signs and LED Neon Signs

Let’s start with the former. Neon Signs can be referred to as a durable and efficient lightbulb, in that they can give off different colours of fluorescent lights. They are like the pink, green, and orange colours that you may find in a highlighter pen, for example, but they are much brighter. However, LED Neon Signs are created from small individual Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that are incorporated within plastic that can be moulded into lettering or shapes of your choice.

The traditional neon signs are made up of glass tubes that can be shaped into any style that you desire, such as a shape of a flamingo, or lettering that spells “Let’s Party”. Once this has been done, and you have created the shape that you want to see, they can then be filled with neon gas. When there has been an introduction of a high-voltage electrical current, the tube will glow in the color that you have picked. If there is a chemical reaction between these two materials, you will always have the production of neon colours.

LED Neon works in a completely different way. Instead of needing a reaction between the gas and electricity, neon colours in this format will be created when electrons have passed through a semiconductor. Like the traditional neon signage, these tubes must be set in their correct position, but if there are too many in one place, as well as placing them in an unusual way, the lighting that emits from these objects will be non-existent. When positioned properly, they produce a steady source of light that is similar to the effect that you will receive from the traditional signs.

Buying Lights for your Home

Home is where the heart is, right? And you can’t make a house a home if you don’t take the time to decorate your space in a way that adheres to your interior design tastes. If you don’t have a house of your own, you won’t know how every piece of furniture, to every lighting fixture and accessory, all make a difference to the overall vibe of your home. It is very rare that you will come across many people who have the same taste as you, meaning that every home will be unique to its owners.

This is where your neon lights can make an impact. If you are looking for tips for man cave, or even your bedroom, lighting becomes essential! If you want to venture outside of the box when it comes to lighting fixtures, then you should take the time to consider how neon signs and lights can make up for this void instead. The great thing about them is that both Neon and LED Neon are energy efficient, meaning they use less energy than your typical lightbulbs.

When people are considering which lights to buy for their home, the cost is always a deciding factor. Whilst you want your home to look nice, you don’t want to take too much money out of your pocket because then you won’t have enough to complete the rest of your design project. Luckily, both options are cost-efficient and are less expensive than your typical lightbulb, so regardless of which route you ultimately go down, you could be getting everything you want to see in the lights right in front of you.

Neon lights from a site such as www.neonfilter.com can also be used anywhere. From placing them as a centrepiece on your fireplace, or hanging them up on your wall, they will make their presence known. And that’s the exciting thing about them. It doesn’t matter what their size is, as they just have that ability to brighten up any room.

In summary, regardless of whether you buy or make your own Neon, or LED Neon Signs, they both have the ability to create a great overall ambience for your home. They both have advantages, so it ultimately comes down to which one you prefer, and only you can make this decision. Good Luck!


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