A home should be more than just a roof over our heads. It should feel like home. It should be a place where we can relax and feel a sense of safety and comfort. A home should feel like a warm hug on the coldest of days, and it should feel like you’re walking on air on the best days. One home feature that can make it more comforting? A fireplace. And according to a recent survey, a fireplace is the number one home feature buyers are looking for in their next home. In addition to being functional, this amenity also adds to the curb appeal of a property.

Gas fireplaces produce fewer emissions and can reduce the dependence on electricity. They can be a cost-effective way to heat a home, particularly if they are centrally located. Wood fireplaces can also be useful resources during snow storms. Even if there is no power for operating electric room heaters, homeowners can burn wood in this type of fireplace for warmth. Likewise, a fireplace, be it outdoors or in your master suite, provides a striking aesthetic, especially when the wall surrounding it is painted in a contrasting color.

Owing to these reasons, homeowners should consider getting one installed. If they already have one, they should get them inspected and repaired. For the former, homeowners can check out the plethora of options available on the Web. Based on their budget, they can choose a model. For the latter, individuals can opt for a WETT inspection Red Deer or elsewhere, wherein a certified technician can inspect the fireplace and give their verdict on whether it is in a good shape or not. Depending on the outcome of this inspection, homeowners can opt for the required servicing for their fireplaces.

Anyway, this is just one feature that can increase the value of the house by ten folds; there are seven more like this. Let’s learn about them in detail.

Here Are the Seven Home Features that Sell:

A Walk-In Closet Provides Ample Storage Space.

A walk-in closet is a must-have for any house, but there’s a secret to making sure yours stands out from the rest. To create the “wow” factor, choose a closet with an oversized or double door. Consider mounting a clothes rack or installing a shelf in the closet if more space is needed.

Hardwood Floors Add Both Beauty and Value to The Home.

A home’s hardwood floors are attractive to potential buyers, but they’re also easy to install, maintain, and add value. Consider replacing old carpet with hardwood floors in any room you plan to sell. They cost less to install than carpet, making the space more welcoming.

The Laundry Room Is Conveniently Located on The Main Floor.

Real estate agents always say it’s all about location, location, but as far as home buyers are concerned, it’s the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. A handy laundry room on a home’s primary or lower levels is a bonus, as it provides yet another place for the family to gather.

The Modern/Open Concept Kitchen Is Perfect for Entertaining.

If there’s one home feature homebuyers want, it’s the modern kitchen. Open-concept kitchens are the hottest trend in everything from real estate to new restaurant designs. Many buyers choose these as an alternative to formal dining rooms or living rooms, and buyers looking for open-concept kitchens in their new homes will be pleasantly surprised. These kitchens are popping up in real estate listings everywhere, from urban condos to suburban homes, even in historic neighborhoods.

Energy Efficiency Is Achieved Through the Use of Double-Paned Windows and High-Efficiency Appliances.

While energy efficiency isn’t considered a selling point in today’s real estate market, energy efficiency is achieved through several methods, including the use of double-paned windows and high-efficiency appliances.

The Master Bathroom Features a Spa-Like Tub And A Separate Shower.

Today, marketing a home as “spa-like” is a surefire way to paint it as a desirable property since a spa-inspired bathroom is the epitome of relaxation. A spa-like bathroom is a relaxing, inviting place in the home-and it’s more than a bath. Today, such a bathroom can include a rain shower, a separate tub, double sinks, and a walk-in closet, among other features.

The Two-Car Garage Has Plenty of Space for Parking and Storage.

A garage is undeniably one of the best accessories for a home. No matter if you own a car or not, parking your car in the garage or carport will keep it safe from harsh elements such as the sun, snow, rain, ice, and hailstones. It will also keep your car clean and it will also keep it secure.

Real estate professionals emphasize the importance of home features and home upgrades buyers want. A fresh coat of paint and new interior updates are proven to increase value. Buyers want homes with green features. Strong neighborhoods with good schools and easy access to shopping and dining are big factors for buyers. Home shoppers also want homes with wide entryways, large kitchens, and laundry rooms with a sink. And, it shouldn’t be a surprise that updated kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring are big selling points.


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