Most people would like to fill their room with all the sorts of miscellaneous stuff, and you might just be one of them. This is a common misconception, and you may be surprised once you find out that just because a room looks full does not mean it appears as lovely as you think it is. A room filled with unnecessary belongings may look more cluttered and messier.

If you did not know, it is okay to throw out or replace some of your belongings to lead your room or space into its most refreshing state. You could have them hidden in your closets or storage for later use, or if you do not find any sense of purpose for it at all, then this is your sign to put it up for donation or perhaps put it up for sale. There are also companies that specialize in Hard rubbish removals, so if these items aren’t selling or being donated, you might want to consider this alternative.

For instance, if you are unhappy with your countertop design or have been planning to replace it for a long time, perhaps because it has some cracks or stubborn stains, maybe it’s high time to upgrade to the best-quality countertops without spending a fortune. If you are unsure about the designs and materials that might be appropriate for your home, you can check out Francostone here! They might even be able to advise you on the best countertop materials for your outdoor kitchen, allowing you to make it the focal point of your property. Just make sure that you get everything connected back up for your kitchen as you do not want a wayward pipe bursting out water. Instead of doing it yourself, it would be wise to look into a plumbing company in Port St. Lucie (or wherever you are based), so that the plumbing professionals can fix the pipes inside and outside efficiently.

Below are the things that are better thrown out or replaced so that your home interior will look better than you could ever imagine.

Faux plants

They do make your loom livelier, do they not? It is always best to keep faux plants to add a bit of color into your room, but faux plants also accumulate a lot of dust. Try going with real plants instead, since real plants are also a trend these days. If you think you are incapable of taking care of one, then you may also like to try displaying dried plants in your space instead.

TV above your fireplace

This bit might shock you, as televisions are commonly placed above fireplaces, aren’t they? But consider thinking about how the fireplace should be the center of attraction inside the room. So, it is the focal point, and placing the screen above it may be more of a distraction. Try placing the television in another corner of the room instead.

Heavy curtains

Check your curtain and see if its fabric is heavy. If the answer is yes, then have it removed as heavy curtain fabrics tend to make your room look rather suffocating. It also prevents natural light from coming in, making the living room look darker and more unwelcoming. Rather, replace them with curtains with thinner fabrics. This would make your room look more rejuvenating.

Bright lamps

Bright lamps would only hurt your eyes in the long run. Use instead lamps that emit a warm and soft light. This will make the ambiance of your bedroom look cozier, and you would find yourself feeling more relaxed at the sight as you rest on your bed, as well. No one will ever reject an opportunity to have a more comfortable, safe space, right?

Open storage

Transparent storages only add to more visual clutter. Sure, you have everything in the closet, but sometimes it would still look messy. What you must do instead is to keep the clutter in boxes or baskets before storing them away in your open storage. This will make the visual appear cleaner than it was before.

Cushion set

Does your sofa set come with cushions? You may think it looks cute, but it honestly can make your space look paler. To avoid this, replace the sofa cushions with another color, another texture, another pattern-anything to highlight it and bring more appeal and flair to not only your sofa but to your living room in general.

Picture frames

To elaborate, some people keep a huge amount of picture frames on their table, on their wall, etc. Though you may think that this makes your room look cute, it can just make it look messy and stuffy. Try separating these picture frames and only put a decent amount; two or three are enough. This makes your room look like it has more space, as well.


Honestly, some people just leave every toiletry they have on their bathroom countertop. Have you ever thought about how this will make your bathroom look cluttered? Only put the necessary things on your countertops, such as hand soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste. You can have a cabinet installed in your bathroom for you to store the rest.

So, think about how you can declutter by being more minimalist and practical.


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